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London Tree Surgeons Costs

The Best Cost Effective Prices for London Tree Surgery Services

The cost of tree surgery varies dramatically according to the size of tree, ease of access and the species of tree. As a guide, the average cost per house hold visit is around £450 plus VAT.

Price Guide for Tree Surgery and Associated Tasks

  • Tree felling - £250 to £400 per tree
  • Disposal of tree debris - £75 to £150
  • Crown reduction and thinning - £150 to £200 per tree
  • Additional stump removal and grinding - £150
  • Garden/Site Clearance- £200 per person per day / £40 per hour
  • Hedge Trimming - £40 per hour per person
  • Wood chipper hire - £150 per day / £450 per week
  • Weekend work and work after 5pm is charged at +50%
  • Tree survey, reports and evaluations - £450
  • Ivy removal and disposal - £40 per hour per person
  • Japanese Knotweed removal - Phone for a quote

In certain circumstances it may be necessary to hire additional equipment in order to complete a tree removal safely. For example a tree may be dangerously close to a road or power lines.

We may need to hire in a mobile crane or cherry picker (aerial platform). This will obviously affect the price.

A Guide to Potential Tree Problems

  • Look for dead wood, branches with brown leaves or no leaves at all
  • Look for cracks and lifting of soil around the base of the tree trunk - a sign of uprooting
  • Over hanging branches on public highways may will need surgery
  • Fungi or mushrooms growing around the base may be a sign of serious decay
  • Regions of the the tree trunk with no bark can indicate dead wood or fungi attack
  • Major tree branches that are rubbing against each other will need treatment
  • A V-shaped split between multiple trunks on the same tree indicates weakness

Give us a call and we will arrange a site visit and present you with a FREE written quotation detailing the work involved. If you have the slightest doubts about the safety of a tree it is best to take action straight away.

Most household and commercial insurance policies will cover damage to buildings and injury to the public. However, the insurance company will not pay out if it is proved that negligence was involved - Don't take chances - Act NOW

Important points on prices to consider

  • All prices given are exclusive of VAT
  • Will you need us to dispose of the felled tree or would you like to keep it?
  • If you live in a conservation area permission may be required from your local council
  • Your local council can also advise on the existence of any Tree Preservation Orders
  • We will also carry out a full onsite risk assessment to prevent injury or damage to buildings

We have a comprehensive Health and Safety Policy in place. We are fully insured and our friendly and professional team will provide you with the most cost effective solution to any tree problem.

We have thousands of happy customers throughout London, many of which can be contacted directly for references. We work for property developers, schools and local councils as well as residential clients.

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